1.3. Wednesdays: Revision

At this point in the week, you will probably have a good grasp on the content I have asked you to learn. This is kind of crazy to think about because you haven’t talked to me at all! Wait…did I just come up with a routine that makes my job obsolete??? Thankfully, I will still have a job because there will be times when everyone thinks about what we’re learning in the wrong way (I like to call this a big-AF-misconception). It’s completely normal, and even expected, for big-AF-misconceptions to appear in class ; in fact, that’s a natural part of learning! All that matters is how we deal with these misconceptions when they arise.

So how will I do that? Remember that CFU that you and all your friends have completed way too many times? I will secretly be analyzing your responses to see if a big-AF-misconception is lurking around. If it is, I will pull you all into an emergency Zoom meeting to talk specifically about this misconception and all of the ways that you can revise your thinking. I think you will like this system a lot more because it’s essentailly more respectful of your time; you won’t need to sit through countless lectures where I cover literally everything in our readings because I have no idea what you understood and what you didn’t.

I do ask that you attend all of these Zoom meetings even if you think you understand a particular concept really well because I might need your help explaining in a way that gets things to click for everyone. Worst comes to worst, you cement what you already know and confirm that you’re a BAMF!

This is also the day that you submit your CFU ONE MORE TIME. I will be grading you for corretness this time around because I probably just gave you all the answers in our Zoom call.

TL;DR: Participate in a classwide discusison held on Zoom because it’s a great way to learn all the hard stuff. Oh, and don’t forget to submit your CFU one more time!