1.1. Mondays: Exposure

Every week will begin with an activity that exposes you to a new concept. You can consider this a lot like the lectures you have in your other classes. However, you should complete this activity before you talk to a friend or me. In other words, you will complete this activity totally alone…

Donkey from Shrek!

Don’t worry, you won’t be alone for long (more on this later)! However, it is REALLY REALLY REALLY important that you complete this activity at the beginning of the week because every other classroom routine depends on you finishing this one.

Still worried? It may help to know that you do not have to perfectly understand the material that is presented in the Exposure activities; we have other assignments that help you do this. Instead, I just ask that you try your best.

So…what does “your best” look like? To me, the person who gives you a grade, this just means you completed the week’s assigned reading (at least once) and you did your best to answer each CFU question correctly.

Hold on, CFU? Ah yes, the “Check For Understanding.” Remember how I said that it was REALLY REALLY REALLY important that you complete the Exposure activities at the beginning of the week? I meant it. And the way that I will motivate you to complete each Exposure activity is by grading you on completing each CFU by a certain date. I won’t grade you on being correct this time around; I understand it takes more than just a single moment of exposure to actually learn something (hence, the whole no lectures thing).

Got it? Here’s the short story just in case you missed something:

TL;DR: Each week will begin with an independent reading activity called an Exposure activity. After you complete the assigned reading, you answer some questions. You don’t have to be right. You just need to get this done by a certain date.