1.4. Thursdays and Fridays: Mastery

If you’re thinking,”Isn’t this a computer science class? Aren’t we supposed to be coding or something?” right now, you will be excited to know that our last routine is all about using what you have learned in order to solve a problem (aka coding). I like to save this for the end of the week because it’s easier to complete AFTER you understand the underlying computer science concept (huh, imagine that! :P).

It’s perfectly normal to still run into problems while completing these projects though, and because of that, I will be holding office hours at the end of the week. This is the time for you to drop into a Zoom call and ask me all of the questions you have about anything you’re still low-key struggling with. Don’t have any questions or one of your study group partners helped you out? No worries, you don’t have to see my beautiful face until our next big-AF-misconception discussion.

Oh! All of these assignments will be graded on correctness.

TL;DR: Show me what you know by coding! And if you feel like you don’t know everything yet, come talk to me during my office hours.